Closing Gap In Teeth by Pushing With Fingers?

Closing Gap In Teeth by Pushing With Fingers?
Have you ever noticed that people who remain bedridden for long periods of time often find it difficult to walk again after getting up? This is because our body adapts itself to internal and external stimuli and changes. In the same way, our teeth can also respond to any forces exerted on them. So, if someone pushes their teeth with their fingers, it is theoretically possible to move them in the direction of the applied force.  So, how does tooth movement occur? If you want to know more about tooth movement and how crooked teeth are aligned by dentists, this blog is for you. Continue reading to learn more. 

Will Pushing On My Teeth Move Them?

As mentioned earlier, our body responds to any pressure or force applied on it. So, by pushing on one’s teeth, it is possible to move them. This is precisely what orthodontists do; they realign crooked teeth by exerting pressure on them – using fixed braces or clear aligners – to move them in the desired direction. Braces and aligners are designed such that they apply constant pressure on the teeth. As a result, the teeth begin to move in the direction of the applied force. 

How To Straighten My Teeth Overnight?

There is no magic way to straighten crooked teeth overnight. Why? Because orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners is a gradual process. Your dentist will realign your teeth in multiple phases that may take up to 18 months to complete.  However, there are ways to get rid of crooked teeth overnight using cosmetic dentistry. For example, porcelain veneers can be applied on the front surface of the teeth to mask aesthetic facial defects. So, with veneers, it is possible to mask crooked and misaligned teeth. However, veneers only fix the cosmetic issue and don’t treat the underlying problem. So, if you want a complete solution for your crooked teeth, then orthodontic treatment is the best option. 

Can Aligners Push Teeth Back?

According to the British Orthodontic Society, clear aligners are tray-like appliances that are worn over and closely fit the teeth. Your dentist will design your aligner tray sets in a way that they exert pressure on your teeth and push them in the desired direction. So, like braces, clear aligners can also be used to realign your teeth. 

Should I Be Worried If My Front Teeth Move When I Move It?

Our teeth are “suspended” in their bony sockets and held together by a collection of fibres and tissues called the periodontal ligament. Since the teeth remain suspended within the jawbone, they do have slight mobility when pressure is applied on them. However, teeth may become even more mobile when there is underlying gum or periodontal disease. So, if you feel that your teeth are excessively mobile, there may be an underlying issue and it is better to get it checked by your dentist. 

How Can Braces Affect Your Facial Structure?

Have you ever noticed that there is a significant change in the facial profile and appearance of people who have undergone orthodontic treatment? This happens because when orthodontists move them with braces or aligners, the jawbone also remodels itself during the process, resulting in changes in the facial appearance. 

Do Teeth Feel Uncomfortable After Being Straightened?

During orthodontic treatment, your dentist will use braces or clear aligners to apply pressure on your teeth to move them. Therefore, you may feel slight pressure or pain during the treatment, especially at the beginning of your treatment, after the change of your orthodontic wires, and after wearing your new aligner set. However, the discomfort will fade away after a few days. 

Is It Possible To Fix My Crowded Teeth Without Extraction?

It is not necessary to remove one or more teeth from your jaws to realign them. Teeth extractions are only needed when there is insufficient space in the jaws to accommodate all the teeth in optimal alignment and occlusion. If someone has minor tooth misalignment issues such as crowding or spacing, it can be fixed without removing some teeth. On the other hand, severe crowding, spacing, or bite-related issues may require extractions of one or two teeth from each jaw. 

How To Fix My Mild Overbite?

According to the California Association of Orthodontists, an overbite is a condition where there is more than 20% vertical overlap between the upper and lower teeth. While a slight overbite is normal, an excessive overbite can cause aesthetic and functional complications.  The treatment of an overbite requires orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign aligners. Your orthodontist will suggest the most suitable treatment option for you after a thorough clinical examination. 

Why Does My Front Teeth Slightly Move?

As discussed earlier, a slight mobility of the teeth is normal. However, if you feel that your teeth have become mobile excessively, it could indicate underlying gum disease. So, it is best to consult your dentist and get the underlying issue sorted. If gum disease is not treated in time, it can cause severe jawbone damage and even tooth loss.  Do you or a loved one have bleeding or sensitive gums? If yes, you may have periodontal disease. At Fitzwilliam Street Dental Care in Rotherham, we have the best dentists in town to take care of all your problems. So, request a free consultation with us today and let us take care of your entire family’s dental health and smile.   
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