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Is there a bad skin clinic?

The bad skin clinic is a TV show filmed at a few different practices offering skincare treatments. They often see patients with painful lumps, facial hair, blotchy skin as well as patients wishing to smooth out facial wrinkles and lines. Smoothing facial wrinkles and restoring skin to its natural youthful beauty is something we are proud to offer here at our skin clinic in Rotherham

What are the different types of skin treatments?

There were primarily 2 different types of skin treatments available.

  1. Dermal fillers – these are used to fill in the low points of wrinkles, plump out lips and add volume.
  2. Antiwrinkle injections – these are used to relax the muscles around your face, mouth, eyes and neck. This relaxation of the muscles causes the wrinkles to disappear.

How do I choose a skin care clinic?

There are a few ways to choose the best skin care clinic near you.

  • Google reviews. Have a look at the practice reviews, ideally looking at Google reviews as these are provided directly by the patient and can’t be edited by any skin clinic practice you find.
  • Once you have found a skin care clinic which you might like to go to, have a look at their website, make sure they offer solutions to the problems you wish to solve.
  • Ask your friends and family. Personal recommendation is usually one of the best ways to find any type of healthcare provider, personal recommendation is unbiased and often the most reliable way to find a service provider.
  • Find out what the treatment process is. When you think you might have found a skin clinic, give them a call, do they offer an initial consultation, at the initial consultation and treatment start immediately or do you need to book another appointment, and what is the cost to any additional appointment?

Is anti-ageing treatment effective to all types of skin?

All skin types typically respond virtually the same to antiwrinkle injections, however you may find that some ethnic groups differ in terms of the amount of treatment they need. When it comes to fillers, these are safe for all skin types, even the most delicate areas on your face. The fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring component of your skin and is therefore exceptionally well tolerated.

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