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Filler Treatment

dermal fillers in rotherham

Dermal fillers offer a safe and natural cosmetic treatment that restores volume and fullness to refresh and revitalise your appearance.

Ideal for deeper lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers work at a deep dermal level to delay the signs of ageing by ‘filling out’ and smoothing away wrinkles in troublesome areas. Lips are probably the most widely treated area with filler but it can be placed anywhere in the face that has lost a little volume over the years such as cheeks, eye bags, jaw line and forehead.

Frequently Asked Question

Non-surgical dermal fillers are made of a substance that naturally occurs in the body, called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). We produce less collagen, and lose facial volume as we age, and so replacing this with Hyaluronic Acid is both effective and safe.

Dermal filler treatment is long lasting however it is not a permanent treatment. Each treatment lasts for approximately 9-12  months, giving you the opportunity to reassess your needs at regular intervals.

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